UTCOMP-PRO [Android]

UTCOMP-PRO for Android (without display)
UTCOMP-PRO for Android (without display)
UTCOMP Android in Google Play
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UTCOMP-PRO without display (e.g. to work with UTCOMP Android or as a Data-Logger)

UTCOMP-PRO without display

- working with UTCOMP Android or as a stand-alone data-logger

Each UTCOMP-PRO can work without display - UTCOMP Android application may be used instead. Connection is via USB (USB OTG in your android device is required - bluetooth is not supported). Android Multimedia Station or Android Radio are recommended because they have external input for power supply (smarphone or tablet can be used too, but they will not be charged from UTCOMP). UTCOMP Android app also allows to download logs from UTCOMP-PRO internal Data-Logger and presents it on user-friendly charts.

Full UTCOMP-PRO description, software and manuals can be found in Products -> UTCOMP-3 / UTCOMP-PRO.

Please note: if you plan to use UTCOMP-PRO without external display please set display autodisable mode to 0s (settings -> screens -> general -> screen autodisable = 0s)

UTCOMP-PRO Android Kit includes:

  • Universal Trip Computer (UTCOMP-PRO) - main control module (PRO version - without display),
  • 24pin connector with 10-15cm cables to solder,
  • 12pin connector with 10-15cm cables to solder,
  • USB cable to PC / Android Multimedia Station / Android Radio (USB type B -> type A connector)
  • USB OTG adapter (micro-usb and usb-c) for android smartphone or tablet connection (please note: UTCOMP will not charge smartphone or tablet)



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