Welcome to REVELTRONICS website.

   REVELTRONICS specializes in designing electronic devices for application in electronics, automotive and IT industries. We have our own design studio, cooperate with production companies and sell our products. We invite you to discover our offer and products.


Latest news:

   2017-11-07:   Dear Customers, November and December are special months for speditors – they have a lot of packages to deliver due to coming Christmas. Last year we observed delays for international packages in this period. Custom Offices also have a lot of work and they hold packages few days more. The closer to Holiday the worse. We keep updating delivery times in shipping methods on store based on tracking from last shippings. We are sure that all packages will be delivered, but please consider this peak period and take few days buffer into account for delivery. Thank you.

Latest updates:

   Update for REVELPROG-IS (v1.6.2)

   Update for UTCOMP-3 and UTCOMP-PRO (v3.5)