REVELPROG-IS serial programmer for EEPROM, FLASH, FRAM

REVELPROG-IS is a professional tool for serial memory programming. It supports wide range of EEPROM, FLASH and FRAM devices with I2C, SPI, 1-Wire and MICROWIRE (uWire) protocols powered with 1.0V - 5.0V voltage levels. It has integrated ZIF socket (for THT devices) and SOIC socket (for SMD devices). It has also connector for in-circuit serial programming (ICSP) with buffered I/O. Due to USB 2.0 interface memory operations are incredibly fast.




Serial memory programming in:

  • car electronics & automotive (reprogramming modules, radio-code, immobilizers, gps navigations, mileage correction and other modules with serial EEPROM and/or FLASH memories),
  • computer and notebook service (data recovery, reflashing, upgrading and programming BIOS chips in motherboards, copier & fax machines, printers, hdd & ssd sata drives etc. ),
  • network service (programming and cloning optical and ethernet SFP, QSFP, XFP modules),
  • RTV/AGD maintaining or repairing (TV, digital cameras, tv tuners etc.),
  • and many other devices equipped with serial IIC / SPI / Microwire EEPROM and SPI FLASH chips.

Serial device programmer for EEPROM, FLASH, FRAM with USB

Main features:

  • reading / writing / erasing functions with user-friendly application interface,
  • supported binary files (*.bin, *.rom, *.epp etc.) and Intel-Hex (*.hex) with possibility to load file to the buffer, edit it, calculate checksums, export changes as patterns, swap-bytes, compare with chip etc.),
  • programming in socket or in external circuit (without unsoldering the chip - in system programming ISP),
  • the target application device can be either powered by REVELPROG (possibility to change VPP and logic levels: 1.0V / 1.5V / 1.8V / 2.5V / 2.8V / 3.3V / 5.0V) or powered by an application with external power supply (1.0 – 5.5V),
  • build in additional protection: buffered I/O pins internal connected only during programming + short circuit and overload protection (reduces the risk of damaging parts due to connection mistake),
  • all I/O internal-connected only during programming,
  • additional useful tools such as: user patterns, script programming (i2c & spi bus pirate), checksums, auto backups, file comparing (DiffChecker) etc.
  • integrated sockets (ZIF + SOIC) with auto adaptive I/O pins reduces requirement of additional adapters,
  • short programming time , e.g. WINBOND W25Q80BV (8Mb): read 0.9s (8,4Mb/s), write 3.3s (2,4Mb/s), MICRON N25Q128A (128Mb): read 12.8s (10Mb/s), write 37.6s (3,4Mb/s), please check video programming examples
  • software and firmware upgrades are freely available for all users on the Internet.

EEPROM, FLASH, FRAM true USB programmer

Technical data:

  • compatible protocols: IIC (I2C), SPI, 1-WIRE and MICROWIRE (uWire),
  • supported device with 1.0V – 5.0V power supply,
  • power supply and communication via USB 2.0 (hardware level, bulk transfer),
  • programming with external power supply (1.0 - 5.5V),
  • programming with internal power supply (1.0 - 5.0V, Imax = 100mA),
  • operation speed (read/write) up to 10Mbit/s,
  • ZIF-32 + SOIC-8 (150mil) integrated sockets,
  • connector for in-circuit serial programming (ICSP) with buffered I/O,
  • auto adaptive I/O pins connected only for programming time (Hi-Z in IDLE state),
  • all I/O connected only for programming time (Hi-Z in IDLE state),
  • short circuit and overload protection,
  • software compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10 (32 and 64-bit),
  • device designed & manufactured in EU, made in Poland.



Device list:

Please go to "Supported Chips" tab at the top.



Software is compatible with MS Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10 (32 and 64-bit).


Application interface is user-friendly. It has all buffer editor functions and also additonal features commonly used in car electronics and IT, such as swap-bytes, calculate checksums, saving changes to external files (as patterns), custom scripts maker for I2C/SPI (bus pirate), SFP editor etc. All main functions can be run directly from shortcut icons:


Software can be downloaded free of charge directly from our webpage (click "software" tab or go to "technical support" page).



Updates are free of charge. Update consist of software update (pc application) and firmware update (software inside the device). Latest software can be downloaded directly from our webpage. You will be informed by the software about possible updates after connecting out of date device.


User Manual:

User Manual can be downloaded from "manuals" tab at the top of the page. It can be downloaded also from "technical support" page.