REVELTRONICS develops own designs of electronic devices. We are a Poland-based manufacturer of such devices as on-board computers, memory programmers and measuring devices. We have a design studio and cooperate with production companies in EU, thanks to which we are able to deliver to our customers high quality products at an affordable price. Our products are being developed and adapted to the needs of our customers on an on-going basis. We guarantee a full support for our designs, warranty and service.

Memory programmers, board computers and measuement systems

Memory programmers:

Revelprog IS - serial memory programmer (I2C, SPI and uWire - EEPROM, FLASH, FRAM)

On-board computers:

Universal Trip Computer (UTCOMP) - onboard computer for vehicles

Measurement systems:

EGT-K - thermocouple amplifier type-k with linear analog output 0-5V

CR-PWM - signal converter for common-rail electromagnetic injectors

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