Reveltronics - Revelatory Electronics


   The core business of REVELTRONICS focuses on electronics and IT industry. We specialize in designing microprocessor based electronic devices and in developing control software for these devices. We provide services in scope of designing, software development and engineering consultancy. We also offer own products and software. Our company is based in Poland but we are active on international market.


   Products made by REVELTRONICS are designed and manufactured in European Union. We specialize in such devices as memory programmers, on-board computers and measurement systems. For each products there is at least 24 month of warranty, technical support and lifetime free updates which extends life cycle of products and adjust it to current trends (e.g. for chip programmers we extend supported devices list and add new features in software, for board computers we add new functions and possibilities). We are in close contact with the users of our products, we have forum where anyone can share their comments and ideas so we can continously improve our devices. We are active on international market - our products are exported to such countries as Germany, UK, USA, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Australia, Canada and more.

Company registration details:

   Dembowskiego 17
   02-784 Warsaw

   VATEU: PL9512215292
   Reg.ID (REGON): 146222428