UTCOMP-PRO Data-Logger

Data Logger is based on UTCOMP-PRO All in One Gauge from REVELTRONICS:

  • It allows to record up to 10 parameters from sensors with maximum sampling 10sampl/s (10Hz) for each parameter
  • Data is stored in UTCOMP-PRO internal memory
  • Data can be downloaded via USB using UTCOMP Windows PC application or UTCOMP Android app
  • UTCOMP Android application allows also to preview data on charts


UTCOMP-PRO Data Logger


Data Logger Features:

  • UTCOMP-PRO inputs/outputs supporting data-logger:

    • 5x analog inputs for voltage sensors (4x 0-5V + 1x 0-30V), e.g. for EGT, AFR, pressure sensors, NTC temperature sensors

    • 2x analog inputs for resistance sensors (2x 0-5V with pull-up), e.g. for NTC temperature sensors, resistance pressure sensors

    • 3x digital inputs for pulse signals, e.g. RPM, vehicle speed, fuel consumption

    • 4x digital inputs for temperature DS18B20 sensors, e.g. outside temperature, engine temperature, oil temperature, user temperature

  • Internal memory for Data Logger with 10 banks (timestamp + 9 user banks) allows to recording up to 10 parameters from selected list:

    • timestamp,

    • tavel time,

    • battery voltage,

    • engine rpm,

    • vehicle speed (kmh or mph),

    • inside & outside temperatures (°C or °F)

    • engine coolant temperature (°C or °F)

    • oil temperature (°C or °F)

    • user1 / user2 temperatures (°C or °F)

    • EGT (up to 6 channels: EGT1, EGT2, ..., EGT6)

    • AFR or Lambda (up to 2 channels: AFR1, AFR2)

    • boost pressure (BAR or PSI),

    • oil pressure (BAR or PSI),

    • fuel pressure (as voltage)

    • boost (turbo pressure / vacuum)

    • fuel consumption (current and average)

  • Sampling frequency and recording time:

    • 10 samples/sec (10Hz) = ~18 minutes of recording for all 10 parameters

    • 5 samples/sec (5Hz) = ~36 minutes of recording for all 10 parameters

    • 1 sample/sec (1Hz) = ~3 hours of recording for all 10 parameters

    • 1 sample/2sec (0.5Hz) = ~3 hours of recording for all 10 parameters

    • 1 sample/5sec (0.2Hz) = ~15 hours of recording for all 10 parameters

    • 1 sample/10sec (0.1Hz) = ~30 hours of recording for all 10 parameters

  • Recording modes:

    • Automatic mode - ignition (when ignition switch is ON)

    • Automatic mode - speed (when speed is greater than 0)

    • Automatic mode - speed or consumption (when speed OR fuel consumption are greater than 0)

    • Manual start/stop (only for UTCOMP-PRO with display and external switches)


Data Logger Software (Windows & Android):

  • UTCOMP PC application allows to configure UTCOMP and download logs to .CSV file

UTCOMP DataLogger Settings in Windows Application


  • UTCOMP Android application allows to read current data (dashboards), download logs (.csv file) and visualize recorded data on charts

UTCOMP Android Data Logger


UTCOMP Android application can be used also as a dashboard for real time data from sensors. Communication between UTCOMP-PRO and android device is via USB (dedicated display is not required). Additional features like user alerts, trip computer etc. are also available.

UTCOMP Android App Dashboard


Data Logger set includes:

  • UTCOMP-PRO control module (without display),
  • UTCOMP-PRO harness (24-pin and 12-pin connectors with 10-15cm wires)
  • USB Cable to PC
  • optional USB OTG Adapter (for micro-USB or USB-C)

UTCOMP-PRO Data Logger is fully functional UTCOMP-PRO module (without display).
Please check UTCOMP-PRO description, manuals and software for full product specification


UTCOMP-PRO Data Logger KIT is available at REVELTRONICS' store