Adapter TSSOP-8/DIL-8 ZIF

Adapter TSSOP-8/DIL-8Adapter TSSOP-8/DIL-8
Adapter TSSOP-8/DIL-8
Adapter TSSOP-8/DIL-8
Adapter TSSOP-8/DIL-8
TSSOP-8 Dimensions
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Adapter TSSOP-8/DIL-8 ZIF for SMD chips in TSSOP-8 package. Recommended for car electronics (eeprom in airbag and ecu boards).

TSSOP-8 -> DIL-8 (DIP-8) universal ZIF adapter

Adapter is compatible with TSSOP-8 SMD 8-pin devices with dimensions:

  • length (without pads): 4.3mm - 4.5mm (typical 4.4mm) / 169mil - 177mil (typical 173mil)
  • length (with pads): 6.2mm - 6.6mm (typical 6.4mm) / 244mil - 260mil (typical 244mil)
  • width: 2.9mm - 3.1mm (typical 3.0mm) / 114mil - 122mil (typical 118mil)
  • pitch: 0,65mm

Example devices:

M95010 | M95020 | M95040 | M95080 | M95160 | M95320 | M95640 | M95128 | M95256 | M95512 | M95M01 | M95M02 and more

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  · 4 years ago.
Very nice quality and it fits for 95160 eeprom from ECU
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