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Serial memory programmer with USB interface for EEPROM, FRAM and FLASH devices (I2C/IIC, SPI and MICROWIRE/uWire chips from 24... 25... 45... 93... 95... series). ICSP programming. Compatible with 1.5-5.0V chips. Power supply and communication via USB 2.0.

Full product description, software and user manuals can be found in Products -> REVELPROG-IS.

Set includes:

  • REVELPROG-IS programmer (with integrated SOIC-8 150mil socket),
  • In Circuit Serial Programming (ICSP) tape with "gold-pin" connectors,
  • USB 2.0 1.8m cable.


Opional adapters and applications (please check related products below):

  • SOIC-8 150mil (recommended for EEPROM 24x 25x 93x 95x and FLASH 25x 45x in 8-pin SO8 150mil package)
    • most universal adapter, recommended for automotive, RTV/AGD, consumer electronics, medical and military devices
    • adapter already built into programmer (there is no need to buy additional adapter with REVELPROG)
  • SOIC-8 200mil (recommended for FLASH 25x in 8-pin SOP-8 200mil package)
    • recommended for computers and notebooks service (BIOS SPI for motherboards), data recovery (SSD / HDD firmware), TV and smart devices (firmware storage), all FLASH SPI devices in 8-pin 200mil "wide"package
    • rarely used in automotive
  • TSSOP-8 (recommended for EEPROM 25x and 95x in 8-pin TSSOP-8 169mil package)
    • automotive and car electronics (e.g. M95160 and M95640 eeproms in airbag and ecu modules)
  • SOIC-16 300mil (recommended for FLASH 25x in 16-pin SOP-16 300mil package)
    • TV and smart devices (firmware storage), consumer electronics, all FLASH SPI in 16-pin 300mil package
  • Clip SOIC-8 (recommended for in-system programming ISP for all EEPROM and FLASH in SO-8 150mil and 200mil packages)
    • very useful clip for programming SOIC-8 devices in external circuit (without removing the chip)
  • QFN-8 5x6mm and WSON-8 6x8mm
    • latest notebooks (BIOS storage) and SSD (firmware storage), RTV, medical, military and high-end consumer devices
    • devices in these packages are still rarely used 
  • SFP/SFP+ for optical (fiber) and ethernet modules
    • telecommunication, network service and IT

    Please note: all above adapters are universal and are compatible also with other programmers


Our recommendations:

  • for automotive & car electronics service we recommend REVELPROG-IS (built-in SOIC-8 150mil adapter will be used very often in instrument clusters, airbags, radio code and other modules) + optional CLIP SOIC-8 for incircuit programming (without desoldering eeprom/flash). Adapter SOIC-8 200mil will be used rarely (e.g. in BOSCH injection pumps, navigations, climatronic modules). Adapter TSSOP-8 is used for some airbag and ecu modules (e.g. for 95x series microwire eeproms). Adapters QFN-8 and WSON-8 are not useful in car electronics.

  • for computer / notebook service and data recovery we recommend REVELPROG-IS (built-in SOIC-8 150mil will be useful in some cases for bios/firmware reflash) + adapter SOIC-8 200mil (used very often for BIOS / firmware storage) + optional CLIP SOIC-8. Adapters QFN-8 and WSON-8 may be useful in latest notebooks from Apple, HP, Dell (MY 2015+), but these devices are still used quite rarely.

  • for RTV/AGD service and consumer devices service we recommend REVELPROG-IS (built-in SOIC-8 150mil adapter will be used very often) + SOIC-8 200mil (often used for firmware storage) + optional CLIP SOIC-8 and adapter SOIC-16 (sometimes device firmware). Adapters QFN-8, WSON-8 may be useful in latest TV and high-end consumer devices, but these devices are still used quite rarely.
  • for telecommunciation technican and network service we recommend REVELPROG-IS + adapter for SFP/SFP+ fiber/ethernet modules. 


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Customer ReviewsLeave your reviews
Leave your reviews
0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
  · 2 months ago.
Under certain circumstances I had to fix badly programmed flash Winbond (W25Q32BV).
Everything is now working fine! ...and I did not have to do any de-soldering (with help of SOIC-8 Pomona 5250 - also available in store on this site).

For an amateur like me, I can say REVELPROG is good and easy to use :)
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  · 3 months ago.
Wreszcie pyknąłem kostki, z którymi VP-990 sobie nie radzi. Polecam bardzo ten programator. Stosunek cena/jakość jak najbardziej sensowny.
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0 of 0 people found the following review helpful
  · 4 months ago.
Good quality and functioning product
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
  · 9 months ago.
Programator po prostu rewelacyjny. Przy próbie grzebania na kościach Winbonda (seria 25Q64, 2.5V) poległy zwykłe, tanie sprzęty typu EZP2010 czy CH341A. Ten poradził sobie bez zająknięcia, do tego jest (w porównaniu do konkurencji) niesamowicie szybki. Gdyby jeszcze do pudełka dorzucano "klamerkę" na układy, to nawet krajowym sposobem, nie byłoby się już do czego przyczepić ;) Szóstka z malutkim minusem, serdecznie polecam :)
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0 of 0 people found the following review helpful
  · 1 years ago.
i like Programmer Revelprog-IS , it is Great
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0 of 0 people found the following review helpful
  · 1 years ago.
The Revelprog- IS I have it from over 2 year's and I am very glad that I make this choice.
I recomand this device to all people who repair laptops motherboard.

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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
  · 1 years ago.
I just want to say how much I love my Revelprog-IS, and the phenomenal service Artur provides! I've only had need to contact support with a couple of questions about specific flash ROMs and every time, Artur responds almost instantly! With the latest problem, today, the chip appeared to be reading okay but the program displayed all high-valued (FF). Artur provided an advance release of the program's version 1.6 (alpha) to see if it would verify the problem as a communication error. The new program verified that it was indeed due to a communication error (no doubt caused by a poor connection). I soldered the chip to an adapter board and read it instantly, without error. Thanks so much, Artur, for such a terrific product and outstanding service!

Larry Sabo,
Sabo Computer Repairs & Data Recovery
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0 of 0 people found the following review helpful
  · 1 years ago.
Awesome product ! Took me a while to find a solution to my problem where I need to copy data onto a dataflash. The revelprog-is is excellent, does everything it suppose to do, software is easy and on point. And the price is ridiculous, would gladly pay double or triple. Comes with everything you need. Truly a product well done.
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0 of 0 people found the following review helpful
  · 1 years ago.
Posiadam bardzo popularny chiński programator, który zakupiłem na ebay. Niestety z niektórymi pamięciami nie współpracuje lub zapisuje tylko połowę zawartości. Jednak od jakiegoś czasu używam REVELSPROG i wszystkie napotkane kości pamięci zapisywał perfekcyjnie. Niestety napotkałem na problem z pamięcią ATMEL. Skontaktowałem się z producentem programatora REVELSPRG i nie dość, że błyskawicznie pomógł rozwiązać problem to jeszcze pomógł w innej sprawie związanej z prywatnym programem. Bardzo dobry programator (czyta i zapisuje wszystkie układy z którymi miałem styczność) jak i obsługa po sprzedażowa. Na prawdę 5+ nie tylko za urządzenie ale i całą otoczkę.
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0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
  · 1 years ago.
Hi there , it's great programmer really but when I received my package the ISP CABLE wasn't there I ordered test clip which is panoma test clip but without the ISP  tape what can I do ,
The second things is why there is no auto dedection for chip
Was this review helpful to you?
Mohammed yousif@REVELTRONICS: I received it on Saturday thankx a lot , and yes your technic about choose the bios chip depending on the chip size it works like a charm thank you again and Your programmer is really the best programmer ever I work with thankx for it
1 years ago.ReplyPermalink
REVELTRONICSISP cable is in set with REVELPROG-IS (not with Pomona Clip). Could you tell me you order number on email (you can use also contact form) so I can check details? If you ordered programmer and you have not received the ISP tape than we are so sorry for this mistake and we will send you second package with tape. Please contact us on email.

Autodetection is possible only for SPI protocol, but there is no autodetection currently because programmer supports also low voltage flash spi chips and with autodetection there is risk for damaging the chip. There are implemented smart procedures for FLASH SPI so you do not need to know exactly flash symbol - only capacity is needed e.g. it is enough to select FLASH -> 25 series -> 25..64[PP] for 64Mbit flash (e.g. for W25Q64BV) or FLASH -> 25 series -> 25..128[PP] for 128Mbit flash (e.g. W25Q128FV) etc. - We will think how to improve it - maybe autodetection with required voltage selection. Thank you for your opinion.
1 years ago.ReplyPermalink

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