Adapter SOIC-16/DIL-8 300mil ZIF (FLASH SPI)

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Adapter SOIC-16/DIL-8 300mil ZIF for FLASH SPI chips in SO-16/SOP-16 300mil package (16-SOP, SOIC 300-mil, SO16 Wide)


Adapter SOIC-16 (SO-16/SOP-16/SOP-16L) -> DIL8 (DIP-8) 300mil is compatible with SMD FLASH SPI 16-pin chips (300mil). Characterized with high quality slim-type gold pins, thanks to adapter is useful with most ZIF and DIL/DIP sockets. Small dimensions guarantee compatiblity with most programmers. 


  • compatible with SMD 16-pin chips (SOIC-16, SO-16, SOP-16, SOP-16L) with 300-mil raster,
  • high quality socket,
  • high quality slim-type gold pins - adapter will fit to each socket (ZIF and DIL),
  • minimal dimensions, thanks to adapter will be compatible with most programmers.


Example chips:

MACRONIX (300mil 16-SOP):
MX25L1605, MX25L1606E, MX25L1608D, MX25L1636D, MX25L3205A, MX25L3205D, MX25L3208D, MX25L3235D, MX25L3233F, MX25L3275E, MX25L3237D, MX25L3206E, MX25L6405, MX25L6405D, MX25L6408D, MX25L6433F, MX25L6408E, MX25L6435E, MX25L6406E, MX25L6436E, MX25L6445E, MX25L6455E, MX25L6465E, MX25L6475E, MX25L12805D, MX25L12835E, MX25L12845G, MX25L12835F, MX25L12850F, MX25L12855F, MX25L12865F, MX25L12873F, MX25L12836E, MX25L12845E, MX25L12855E, MX25L12865E, MX25L12875F, MX25U12835F, MX25L25645G,  MX25L25635F, MX25L25655F, MX25L25735F, MX25L25635E, MX25L25655E, MX25L25735E, MX25L25835E, MX25U25635F MX25L51237G, MX25L51245G, MX25L51255G, MX25LM51245G, MX66L51235F, MX25U51245G, MX66U51235F, MX66L1G45G, MX66L1G55G, MX25LW51245G, MX25L51273G, MX25UM51245G, MX25UW51245G, MX25UM51345G, MX66LM1G45G, MX66L1G59G, MX66U1G45G, MX35LF2GE4AB

EON / cFeon (SOP-16):
EN25Q32C, EN25Q32B, EN25QH32, EN25QH32A, EN25Q64, EN25QH64 , EN25QH64A, EN25QH128A, EN25Q128, EN25QA256, EN25QH256, EN25QH256A

GIGADEVICE (SOP16 300mil):
GD25Q64B, GD25Q64C, GD25Q127C, GD25Q256C, GD25Q256D, GD25Q257D, GD25S512MD, GD25S513M, GD25VQ64C, GD25VQ127, GD25LX256E, GD25LT256E, GD25LQ256C, GD25LQ256D

IS25LP064, IS25WP064A, IS25LP128, IS25WP128, IS25LP128F, IS25WP128F, IS25LP256D, IS25WP256D, IS25LP512M, IS25WP512M, IS25LP01G, IS25QP01G
IS37SML01G1, IS38SML01G1

MICRON (SO16 Wide):
N25Q..., M25PX..., M25P..., MT25Q..., MT29F...
M25P16-VMF3TPB, M25P16-VMF6P, M25P16-VMF6PBA, M25P16-VMF6TP,
N25Q032A11ESF40F, N25Q032A11ESF40G, N25Q032A13ESF40F, N25Q032A13ESF40G, N25Q032A13ESFH0F, N25Q032A13ESFA0F, M25P32-VMF3TPB,
N25Q064A13ESFD0G, N25Q064A13ESFD0F, N25Q064A13ESF40E, N25Q064A13ESF40F, N25Q064A13ESF40G, N25Q064A13ESF41G, N25Q064A13ESF41F, N25Q064A13ESF42F, N25Q064A13ESF42G, N25Q064A13ESFA0F, N25Q064A13ESFH0E, N25Q064A13ESFH0F,
M25P128-VMF6PB, M25P128-VMF6TPB, N25Q128A11ESF40F, N25Q128A11ESF40G, N25Q128A13ESF40E, N25Q128A13ESF40F, N25Q128A13ESF40G, N25Q128A13ESFA0F, N25Q128A13ESFH0E, N25Q128A13ESFH0F,
MT25QL128ABA8ESF, MT25QU128ABA8ESF, N25Q256A73ESF40G, N25Q256A81ESF40F, N25Q256A13ESF40F, N25Q256A13ESF40G, N25Q256A13ESFA0F, N25Q256A13ESFH0F, N25Q256A73ESF40F, N25Q256A83ESF40F, N25Q256A83ESF40G, N25Q256A83ESFA0F, MT25QL256ABA8ESF, MT25QU256ABA8ESF, MT25QL512ABB8ESF, MT25QU512ABB8ESF, S25FL512SAGMF, S25FL512SDPMF , S25FL512SDSMF, S25FS512SAGMF, S25FS512SDSMF,

WINBOND (SOIC 300-mil):
W25Q32BV, W25Q32FV, W25Q32FW, W25Q64CV, W25Q64FV, W25Q64JV, W25Q128BV, W25Q128FV, W25Q128FW, W25Q256FV, W25Q257FV, W25Q256JV, W25Q256JW, W25R256JV, W25R256JW, W25M512JV, W25H512JV, W25H512JW, W25N01GV, W25N01GW, W25N02GV, W25N02GW

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  · 7 years ago.
Dokładnie tego się (na)szukałem - adapter ma układ wyprowadzeń odpowiadający 8-pinowej pamięci FLASH SPI, więc tak naprawdę można programować FLASH SPI 16-pinowe w miejsce 8-pinowych.
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