Common-Rail to PWM (CR-PWM) Signal Converter

     CR-PWM is a signal coverter for common-rail electromagnetic injectors. It gets injection control signal as a input, and gives injection timing (PWM) as a output.

Common-Rail to PWM signal converter (CR-PWM)

Example of use: injection timing calculation in diesel common-rail engine (signal conversion to PWM in BOSCH electromagnetic injectors):

 Common-Rail injector to PWM signal conversion in JTD engine (CR-PWM)



Technical data:

  • power supply: +12V or +24V DC (safe range: +9...+32V DC),
  • current consumption: max 12mA during conversion, max 2mA in idle,
  • input signal: control signal (+/-) for common-rail electromagnetic injector (BOSCH), voltage range max -150V..+150V, max frequency 100kHz,
  • output signal: injection timing (PWM 0-5V),
  • operational temperature: -40C...+85C.

Common-Rail to PWM signal converter (CR-PWM)

Wiring Diagram:

Common-Rail to PWM signal converter wiring (CR-PWM) - schema





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