Boost pressure sensor (MAP sensor)

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Absolute Manifold Pressure (MAP) sensor 0,2 - 3 BAR (3 - 43 PSI) with linear voltage output (0-5V). Typical application: boost pressure measurements.

Absolute Manifold Pressure (MAP) sensor manufactured by BOSCH. Pressure range: 0,2 - 3 bar (3 - 43 psi) with linear voltage output. Working with automotive gauges and data-loggers (as a MAP sensor) such as UTCOMP & UTCOMP-PRO, AEM EMS, GReddy e-MANAGE, Motec, Stack, ACR systems, HRC etc. Waterproof connector is included with sensor. Requires +5V power supply. Output table can be found in datasheet.

Technical data:

  • range: 0,2 - 3 BAR (3 - 43 PSI) absolute pressure,
  • power supply: 5V
  • output: voltage, linear
  • manufacturer: BOSCH
  • more info: datasheet

Example application:

  • manifold absolute pressure,
  • turbo/boost measurement.

In package:

  • 3 BAR MAP Sensor (BOSCH),
  • 3-pin waterproof connector (2 variants):
    • Variant A (default): with wire pins (3pcs)
    • Variant B (optional) with wires (~10cm)
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