EGT-K [1-CH] + Thermocouple K-type [x1]

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Set of EGT-K (single channel) with thermocouple k-type sensor for exhaust gas temperature measurements 0-1200°C (32-2192°F)

   EGT-K is a precision thermocouple amplifier providing high accuracy temperature measurement in range of 0-1250°C. It converts thermocouple type-k non-linear milivolts signal to 0-5V linear (4mV/°C) output so it's compatible with most industrial applications and data-loggers. It has built-in cold junction compensation so any length wires can be used. EGT-K is available in single, dual or quad channel variant.

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In set included thermocouple sensor (type K) for Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) measurements.
Thermocouple specification:

- Thermocouple type "K",
- Operating temperature: 0 - 1200 °C (32 - 2192 °F),
- Probe material: stainless steel,
- Probe diameter: 5mm
- Probe length: 90mm (adjustable lock for probe in range of 0-80mm)
- Thread size: 1/8" NPT
- Thread lock: adjustable compression lock (adjustable length)
- Cable length: 2m (not grounded)
- Cable external shielding: stainless steel braiding,
- Cable internal insulation: fiberglass


You can order EGT-K amplifier or thermocouples separately.

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