Do you like REVELTRONICS candies? :-) Please leave your review! These candies are called "Krówki" ['] in plural and "Krówka" ['kruf.ka] in singular. Literally it means "little cows", but don't panic! it is not made out of dead little cows ;)) It is toffee milk fudge candies from Poland. Krówka contains milk, sugar, butter, cream and vanilla flavor. Real krówka must be crunchy from the outside and soft inside. Our krówka does not contain any preservatives and expiry date is 2 months since shipping. Bon Appetit!

PS. If you have own business and you are interested with "Krówki" candies with your own logo then please contact with us - we will help you to get it on your market!

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  · 6 months ago.
First things first, thank you for this sweet gift!
They are quite tasty, the only negative point is that I expected the inside to be softer, there is not almost any noticeable texture difference between the outside and the heart of the candy. Perhaps the conditions of the trip have not helped its perfect preservation, I don't know...
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ArturYou're right. Warm temperatures in last days makes it crunchy during transport (especially on long distances with road transport) - sugar crystallizes very quickly. We need to figure something out because summer is coming. There are also a lot fans of crunchy Krówka, but in my opinion it is gorgeous when it is soft inside. Thank you for sharing your opinion!
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