Please note! This description is for UTCOMP 2.5.

Description for latests version of UTCOMP-3 and UTCOMP-PRO can be found here.

   Universal Trip Computer (UTCOMP) developed and manufactured by Reveltronics (Telwis) is an on-board computer designed for motor vehicles. It has useful functions such as: thermometer (temperatures measurement inside and outside vehicle), fuel consumption measurement (average and real-time), velocity, distance and accelerations measurement, voltmeter and much more. It has also more advanced functions for more advanced users, e.g. AFR, vacuum and boost gauges, analog signal inputs (e.g from O2 lambda sensor) and more. UTCOMP takes information from main sensors then process data and sends to LCD or OLED screen with user friendly interface. Onboard computer is equipped with USB interface so it can be configured in many ways via dedicated PC software. UTCOMP is also known as UKP on Polish market.




Main functions of the device - in shortcut:

  • date and time,

  • vehicle speed (km/h or mph),

  • thermometer (inside and outside),

  • fuel consumption measurement (real-time and average),

  • independent measurement of alternative fuel e.g. for cars with LPG system,

  • tachometer, trip, mileage, travel costs,

  • trip-meter for off-road,
  • acceleration measurement,

  • servis/inspection (x4 for distance + x2 for operating hours),

  • temperature & battery voltage alerts (customizable),

  • headlight reminder,

  • gear indicator,
  • voltmeter (battery voltage measurement),

  • the ability to connect up to two analog sensors (e.g. lambda oxygen sensor, wideband o2 sensor, pressure sensor etc.),

  • and much more...



   General functions will work in every car - there's only power supply required. Fuel consumption will work in most cars with electronic injection. Over 90% of petrol engines and about 70% diesel engines (e.g. TDI, HDi, TDDi, JTD etc.) are supported at the moment. Further in description you will find information what signals are required for specific functions. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about compatibility with your car - we will try to help.

Benefits of using UTCOMP:


  • fuel economy - you will learn how to make optimal use of power and torque of your car, so you will drive more economically (and no less dynamically),

  • UTCOMP has many practical functions - have you ever forgotten to turn on headlights? (if required in your country during a day) - with UTCOMP you will never forget anymore,

  • you will also not forget about service or inspection,

  • installing UTCOMP will increase value of your car (onboard computer is included in the valuation by insurance companies). Properly installed will look like original equipment - please take a look at example photos in gallery tab,

  • with many useful functions driving a car will be even more fun,

  • it's hard to list all benefits of using UTCOMP - please refer to detailed feature list below and you will find out how much it can!

If you have no time for reading you can watch demo movie (go to video tab)


Tip: for fuel consumption measurement you will need only two signals from engine equipment (vehicle speed signal and fuel consumption signal) - details in user manual.


Unit functions:

  • velocity (units: km/h and mph)

  • real-time fuel consumption (units: l/h and l/100km ,gph and mpg, l/h and km/l ),

  • average fuel consumption (units: l/100km, mpg, km/l),

  • distance (from refuel or reset),

  • fuel level in fuel tank(s),

  • estimate distance to refuel,

  • independent daily/travel counter (travel time, average speed, max speed, distance, average fuel consumption, travel costs),

  • full support for cars with LPG system (independent consumption and distance measuring),

  • date and time,

  • trip-meter for offroad / halda (modes: normal / reverse / freeze),
  • temperature measurement (inside and outside),

  • user temperature - analog temperature sensor can be adopted (typical coolant temperature sensor can be screwed into engine cylinder block, engine head or oil sump),

  • automatic acceleration measurement with user defined range (e.g. 0-60 mph, 60-120 km/h, 0-400m, 1/4 mile etc.),

  • ability to connect up to two analog sensors (max 0-5V) with oscilloscope function (draw signal on display), e.g. lambda sensor, wideband O2 sensor, pressure sensor (vacuum / boost), TPS etc.

  • support for wideband controller of oxygen sensor (0-5V, ability of calibration U(AFR) linear function) - AFR gauge,

  • support for vacuum/boost sensor (0-5V, ability of calibration U(bar) linear function) - BAR or PSI units,

  • support for EGT controller (0-5V linear signal, required calibration),

  • voltmeter - battery voltage measurement,

  • cooling fan status (on/off),

  • headlight reminder,

  • car mileage,

  • black ice warning,

  • advanced & customizable alerts (for temperatures, battery voltage level, analog inputs),

  • temperature alert (sound buzzer warning) - if temperature from analog sensor (e.g. coolant temperature, oil temperature etc.) is to high (user own level setting is possible),

  • additional user screen - fully customizable,

  • possibility to enable/disable each screen,

  • possibility to change units (metric/imperial),

  • possibility to change font style,

  • multi-language menu: english, german, polish, russian

  • user splash screen (text or graphic - import from bitmap files),

  • lcd brightness adjustment (from menu),

  • dimmer (2 brightness modes: day/night)

  • communication with PC via USB interface (PC application is working on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8) - possibility to change all settings using PC,

  • and much more...

   All functions are  desrcibed in detail in the user manual (go to manuals tab).



   Software can be used to configuration and personalization of the device. Configuration can be done also directly from LCD menu - PC computer is not required. It is working on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. You can download software free of charge - go to software tab or technical support page.



Technical parameters and dimensions:

  Go to "technical data" tab or download user manual.

Assembly and requirements:

   UTCOMP can be installed in most vehicles with electronic fuel injection (most cars since '92). UTCOMP is compatible with petrol, petrol + gas (lpg) and some diesel engines. There are basic skills required for assembly. Level of difficulty depends on how many functions do you want to have. You can download user and assembly manuals from technical support page or "manuals" tab. Please feel free to contact us if you have any question about compatiblity, assembly etc.

List of selected functions according to requirements:

  Unit functions (selected)    Requirements
  • watch (date and time),

  • voltmeter (battery voltage measurement),

  • user configurable screen,

  • lcd brightness,

  • possibility to enable/disable each screen,

  • user splash screen (text or graphic),

  • change font style,

  • power supply (e.g. from radio connector)

  • temperature measurement (inside and outside),

  • black ice alert,

  • temperature sensors (included in kit)

  • vehicle speed,

  • distance,

  • mileage,

  • trip-meter (halda),
  • average and max velocity,

  • acceleration measurement (automatic mode),

  • headlight reminder,

  • service/inspection reminder,

  • vehicle speed signal

    (Most cars since '92 have already speed signal, e.g. from vehicle speed sensor (VSS), ABS module, instrument panel etc. - details in user manual. If your car does not have speed signal than you can install hall sensor in quite simple way.)

  • real-time fuel consumption,

  • fuel consumption signal (e.g. injector timing)

    Car with electronic injection is required (most cars since '92) - petrol, petrol + gas (lpg) and some diesel engines. Old diesel engines (e.g. TDI with VP37 injection pump) are also supported.

  • average fuel consumption,

  • fuel quantity level in fuel tank (or tanks),

  • estimated distance to refuel,

  • trip,

  • travel costs,

  • both signals (speed signal and fuel consumption signal) are required

  • independent fuel consumption measurement of alternate fuel (e.g. GAS / LPG),

  • binary signal from LPG system, e.g. from electrovale (+12V - lpg / gas supply,  0V - petrol supply). Speed signal and fuel consumption signal are also required

  • coolant or oil temperature,

  • to high engine/oil temperature warning,

  • additional analog temperature sensor (NTC) screwed into engine cylinder block, cylinder head or oil sump

  • air fuel ratio information (lean / reach mixture)

  • signal from lambda o2 sensor (0-1V or 0-5V)

  • air fuel ratio (AFR) gauge

  • signal from controller of wideband oxygen sensor (0-5V),

  • vacuum / boost gauge (units: BAR or PSI)

  • signal from pressure sensor (0-5V mapsensor) 

  • oscilloscope (signal drawing on display) from analog signal

  • input of any analog signal (max 5V)

See user manual for detailed description of specific features.



   UTCOMP is compatible with 122x32 graphic display. There are two types of displays available in our offer: LCD 2,5" and OLED 2,3" 

  • LCD 2,5"

  • OLED 2,3"

At the top of the description you will find additional tabs:

In "gallery" tab you will find photos of UTCOMP, accessories and examples of assembly in vehicles.

In "video" tab you will find demo movies of UTCOMP functionality.